The importance of heart health? You do the maths – Lloydspharmacy launches heart health calculator

Compared to our European neighbours, Britain is “persistently and significantly” lagging behind in the battle to combat heart disease, a recent report[1] has found. With heart disease being the single biggest killer in the UK,[2] calculating our risks of getting heart disease and learning how we can combat the disease is more important than ever. read more »

Look after your heart this winter…

A classic heart attack is marked by pain in the chest that may radiate down the left arm, but did you know that sometimes it may feel more like a muscle pull? The pain usually lasts more than a few minutes and can wax and wane in intensity. The heart is a muscle, and the read more »

Genetically modified tomatoes could lower heart disease risk

New Research has found that genetically engineered tomatoes decrease plaque build-up in the hearts of mice. For the first time, tomatoes have been genetically engineered to produce a peptide that mimics the actions of good cholesterol in mice, according to research reported at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2012. Researchers from the David Geffen read more »

Heart health benefits of pumpkins

Happy Halloween! Have you been carving out your pumpkin ready for tonight and were wondering what to do with the inners? Well there are many heart health benefits from the pumpkin as well as the pumpkin seeds, so whatever you do don’t throw them away. We have even found some instructions for making your own read more »

Just one fizzy drink per day can increase risk of stroke by up to 80%

We’ve long known that drinking soft drinks has negative association with obesity and diabetes. Now a long term study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutriton found that women who drank just an occasion soft drink put themselves at a 21% increased risk for any kind of stroke, whilst those who drank fizzy beverages read more »